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What’s the best time to Get Squared?

Any time can be a great time for The Hour of Chill. Our technology ensures you can imbibe with confidence that you’ll always get a reliable effect that’s fast acting […]

Do you use nano emulsions in Squared?

No, our infusion technology is not a nano emulsion. We use a proprietary infusion called Hydro-Fiber technology that is more water soluble and more effective than a standard nano emulsion. […]

Why should I drink Squared slowly?

Our technology is absorbed through the mouth, not first-pass digestion like an edible or an emulsion. Taking your time and enjoying the full-bodied flavor profiles of our THC drinks allows […]

How many cans of Squared is too many?

Everyone is different in how they respond to THC, so we always recommend finding your chill by going slow. Take your time and find what works best for you. If […]

Does Squared need to be refrigerated?

While we recommend you chill your Squared well, prior to serving, Squared does not require refrigeration when storing the product. You will, however, want to keep it away from extreme […]

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