It’s time to stop settling for one-dimensional –


Introducing Squared

When we embarked on this journey, we set out to fundamentally change the way cannabis infused beverages were created by asking ourselves one simple question. What do people love to drink?

Eliminating the undesirable aspects of cannabis infusions by developing a proprietary technology that is truly odorless and tasteless, yet reliably effective, unleashed our ability to build beverages based solely on the answers to that question. As a result, we were empowered to create a lineup of Hemp 𝚫9 THC infused beverages that taste amazing and promise an enhanced experience like none other.


A better-for-you beverage that delivers a flawless blend of taste and technology to perfectly elevate the senses.

Squared’s award-winning, better-for-you sodas provide a perfect blend of flavors, using only the world’s finest, natural ingredients to create a beverage that’s both delicious and nutritious.

Drugs with low water solubility are predisposed to poor and variable oral bioavailability and, therefore, to variability in clinical response, that can be overcome through an appropriate formulation of the drug. Polymorphs (anhydrous and solvate/hydrate forms) resolve many of these bioavailability problems.

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