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Quick Onset
Quick Offset

Thanks to our advanced infusion technology, feel the effects in less than 15 minutes and enjoy an hour of chill in every single can.

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Alcohol Free
Hangover Free

Regrets are a thing of the past when you get your buzz without the booze and wake up feeling ready to crush your day.

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Reliable Taste
Reliable Tech

Guaranteed to deliver both flavor and function with a reliable and repeatable experience every time you Get Squared.

We Raised The Bar

We are dedicated to excellence in innovation and never stop working to bring you the most revolutionary products and unique experiences possible. 

Three 12 ounce sleek cans of Squared with a liquid splash underneath them

New Drops

When we launched Squared, we wanted to provide people with a way to take a chill break whenever they needed it. What we came to understand is, sometimes, you just need to get sh*t done.

So we created Squared Energy – a low dose, high energy beverage that provides a clear-headed, focused boost of motivation that is never accompanied by jitters or anxiety. This revolutionary fusion of cannabinoids and Hydro-CaffeineTM just hits different. To put it in more simple terms, this isn’t your dad’s energy drink!

Award Winning Flavors

At Squared, we use only the world’s finest natural ingredients to create beverages that are both nutritious and delicious. We spent years formulating our beverages to ensure you never taste anything you aren’t supposed to. And with less than half the sugar and caloric content of a traditional cola, we’ve made it sexy to drink sodas again!

Don’t believe us? We’ve got the hardware to prove it!

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