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About Us

Our Story

When we embarked on this journey, we set out to fundamentally change the way cannabis infused beverages were created by asking ourselves one simple question. What do people love to drink?

Eliminating the undesirable aspects of cannabis infusions by developing a proprietary technology that is truly odorless and tasteless, yet reliably effective, unleashed our ability to build beverages based solely on the answers to that question. As a result, we were empowered to create a lineup of naturally occurring Hemp Delta-9 THC infused beverages that taste amazing and promise an enhanced experience like none other.

Introducing Squared!

A better-for-you beverage that delivers a flawless blend of taste and technology to perfectly elevate the senses. From craveable classics to freshening favorites, Squared never falls flat on flavor or function, and always provides an hour of chill in every can.

It’s Time for The Hour of Chill – Let’s Get Squared!

Two 12 ounce cans of Squared Club Soda and blue ice cubes
Two 12 ounce cans of Sparkling Grapefruit by Squared in the sand

The Tech

What truly separates Squared from other Hemp Delta-9 THC drinks is our proprietary Hydro-Fibers – the world’s most advanced infusion technology, Powered by Rexis.

This revolutionary technology turns molecules like THC, CBD and Caffeine, that don’t mix well with water, into completely water soluble and shelf stable powder that gets infused into every can of Squared. This helps increase the effectiveness of our Hemp drinks by nearly 500% compared to standard nano emulsions. And that’s not all.

We’ve also formulated our Hydro-Fibers to onset and offset quickly. So, you’ll begin feeling the effects within 15 minutes and, after about an hour, you’ll be back to square and ready for your next experience. This makes Squared the world’s first truly sessionable THC beverage.

Award Winning Flavors

Squared isn’t just another weed soda or poorly flavored hemp seltzer. We produce the best tasting, award winning, THC drinks on the planet; all made possible thanks to our Hydro-FiberTM technology.

In addition to its increased efficiency and effectiveness, our infusion tech is also completely odorless and flavorless. This allows us to produce full-flavored functional beverages that taste exactly how you would expect – absolutely delicious. We don’t put dozens of grams of synthetic sweetners or other bitter-blocking chemicals into our drinks. Only the world’s finest ingredients make it into our Hemp infused sodas and sparkling waters, creating the perfect blend of taste and technology to elevate your senses.

Lineup of 12 ounce sleek aluminum cans of Squared

Category Advocacy

We believe that low dose hemp drinks provide better access to recreation and relief for adults seeking non-alcoholic alternatives to beer, wine and spirits. To ensure we best service this market, we use third party labs to test every batch and ensure the utmost compliance on every label to promote public safety. We work with reputable, licensed distributors to deliver to responsible retailers and sell only to adults 21+ all over the country.

One of our core values is the belief that cannabis is for everyone. We believe it should be reliably safe to consume and widely available to purchase. By closely collaborating with industry organizations like the Hemp Beverage Alliance and the Cannabis Beverage Association, as well as local regulators, we continually strive to solidify new pathways to achieve this goal to the betterment of the industry and the consumers we serve.


Made with advanced infusion technology to create the best tasting and most effective functional beverages in the world.
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